Guitar Pedals 101

What you need to know on different types and classifications of guitar pedals.

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Ever since Jimi Hendrix conjured up “Purple Haze” with an octave pedal, a distortion box and his wiry imagination – and made one of the most eloquent anti-war statements with the pure sonics of “Machine Gun” – electric guitars and effects pedals have been kissin’ cousins.

If you’re new to the world of effects or if you stepped away for a few years of the post-Y2K boutique pedal revolution, the available array of tone-coloring and tone-bending devices can be overwhelming. Some shops that cater to creative guitarists have cases stocked with literally hundreds of brightly colored boxes, all begging for a place on players’ pedal boards.

But cutting through the maze of candy-colored stomp boxes is a direct path that can take you to a place where the sounds on most classic and not-so-classic recordings can be duplicated or approximated. And the stepping-stones of that path are the 10 essential pedal functions that comprise the fundamental tone-tweaking tools.

If you’re considering building a basic pedal board or simply looking to expand beyond the sound of a guitar and amplifier for the first time, here are the primary stomp boxes to consider...

Here is the full article describing all the basic fundamentals on how guitar pedals work.

For more information about this topic, check out some of youtube videos below.

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