How many is too many?

We all love pedals. Who doesn't? I mean they come in a variety of shapes, colors, designs, amazing artwork, and tons and tons of sound and different kinds of tones. And if you combine them with other pedals, there is no stopping. And that is where the fun begins, mixing all kinds of pedals and to come up with a true unique tone that is only created by you and only you. Not to mention when you are done building your pedalboard, it looks damn awesome. But when do you stop? After all, more is always better right? 

But, it really comes down to one thing, your music. How you create your own music in your own way that connects to your audience. That's about it. I mean, just saying in my own opinion. One thing I observe, there are I guess some of us really like to collect pedals and effects and gadgets, just for the fun of it. They just love building pedalboards that are bigger like bigger than a table. And there are others who knows, really knows what they only need. Just buy a pedal that fits my budget and my tone. 

These pedalboards are just an example of how many is too many? If these were candies, I would eat them all!

What do you think? Share your comments and opinions. 

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